Call Handling Skills

The aim of studying call handling skills is to transform phone from a means of contact customers and to the means of communication, where is the phone of the most important tools in communication.

Study call handling skills aims to learn a set of skills and rules of use; all employees need to be familiar with them.

Although phone is technically needed device to operate. It’s use in field of work optimally is a skill, it is often overlooked and abused. It should reconsider use of phone effectively at work, as a source of productivity.

- Employees call center
- Customer service and secretarial officials
- Sales and Marketing Department
- All jobs need to use phone in business administration and communication

- Avoid common mistakes of using phone
- What skills to deal with calls
- Building communication with customers
- Ethics of using phone culture
- Add EPABX system and how to deal with incoming and outgoing calls with the help of this system
- Develop approaches to deal with the incoming calls of weird customers and how to deal with them

- BS-202 Call Handling