Selling Skills

Sales process is the process of negotiations begin between the customer and the seller, customer have conditions indicator and seller have the need customer are looking for.

Sale is part of a process called marketing, these include marketing researches, product development, pricing and advertising, in addition to other activities. There are similarities between selling and the art of commercial advertising (marketing) because both aimed to convince the public to buy a commodity by showing its quality. This study aims to identify the different kinds of sales skills.

• All employees their work requires these skills.
• Final year universities students to qualify them for the job market.
• Recently graduated job seekers a good opportunity.
• Ambitious employees aiming to develop themselves.

• Understand the dynamics of selling skills in the context of learning of marketing policies of the organizations through the study of psychology sales principles.
• Learn how to make an appointment with your customers and develop the habit of creating positive first impressions to build trust and rapport with customers
• Estimate the preferred active listening to understand your clients to the fullest
• Creating an idea on how to understand the product features and convert these features into benefits for the sale of product in market
• Analysis of consumer behavior and use this analysis to determine the selling signals.
• Knowledge of how to deal with customers' objections, which coincides with the sales staff during selling process.
• Understand and apply how to complete sales process successfully.

- BS-206 Selling Skills