Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Business Skills is an ultimate opportunity for job seekers to develop their skills and get certified in a major modules in business field.
B.Skills International have been established by National Education Network to be one of the most effective Skills measurement certificate in business skills field across Middle East.

As B.Skills Offers more than 15 program in all Business Skills fields which is the most important to start in business market.
B.Skills Profile is your ID for you as an B.Skills Certified under this ID you can find all of your Skills measured modules.
You can print your certificate any time by requesting certificate from any B.Skills Accredited Test Center near you. You will get your B.Skills Profile with all certificates you have through B.Skills
B.Skills have a fully measured System to finish your steps in a few clicks. We always update our systems to reduce time and remove unnecessary steps without affecting quality of supervising and controlling.

B.Skills Assures quality performance on all accredited test centers.

B.Skills manage everything with high accuracy for candidate’s satisfaction.
Go to Employment Opportunities page and check available vacancies or just send us your CV through and we will contact you once we have suitable vacancy for you.
Feel free to contact B.Skills International administration anytime through our contacts page.

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