Stress Management

Dealing with stress is improving the situation of chronic stress and pressure, especially in often for the purpose of improving performance in daily life. There are many symptoms of stress, which vary depending on people and the circumstance. It can include reduced physical health, as well as depression.

Human life requires a bit of tension from time to time, it is useful and healthy. Tension positive helps in improving athletic performance. Excessive stress can lead to many problems on body and some might be harmful. This may be the cause of external tension may be linked to the environment, but at the same time may not produce because of the immediate external events but because of internal perceptions cause anxiety and feelings of negative per capita direction of the surrounding situation, the result of psychological pressure and discomfort, these manifestations are stressful as in case of post-traumatic stress disorder, for example. And recognize in this study on how to deal with pressure and tension.

• All employees their work requires these skills.
• Final year universities students to qualify them for the job market.
• Recently graduated job seekers a good opportunity.
• Ambitious employees aiming to develop themselves.

• Identify the causes of stress and learn how to process these causes
• Develop a strategy to curb the tension caused by stress
• Planning your next steps as a way to a better life
• make a positive difference in yourself after you learn how to self-management

- BS-208 Stress Management