Time Management

Any success in time management means getting away from confusion and indiscriminate work and hazy goals and thus success of those in charge of administration because of the good management of its time through the planning element.

The most important obstacles of planning time are the lack of clarity of objectives, and the lack of daily, weekly and annual plans and lack of prioritization and leave the business before completion and embark on other business, most importantly not determining times of realistic for implementation. In this study, learn how to manage time, the optimum way.

• All employees their work requires these skills.
• Final year universities students to qualify them for the job market.
• Recently graduated job seekers a good opportunity.
• Ambitious employees aiming to develop themselves.

• Understand the basic components of time management, and how these components affect the psychological and emotional development of individual.
• Knowledge of management priorities to increase the effectiveness of your work and productive capacity
• Understand how to manage more balanced lifestyle to increase control over daily activities
• Eliminate stress, which results from a lack of effective planning
• Study activities related to time management, which when employs ideally can minimize the waste of time.

- BS-207 Time Management